Map Options

  • Go to MapFig Leaflet >¬†Add New Map
  • There are following map options available


  • Show Sidebar : display sidebar a17ae955e485601454d43ee1cfc17412with available markers/polygons/rectangles/lines on it
  • Show Search :¬† display search d0e27c7dfbc29745c999a22c83fb986d¬†to search location on map
  • Show Measure :¬†display¬†measure button b032760ba1fc71551126b3591318bae0¬†to measure the distance from one to another point
  • Show MiniMap : display MiniMap


  • Show Export :¬†display Export 97171c9bf68b2b97da152fa37f11a553¬†button to export map in GeoJSON, HTML and iFrame
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